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 River shrimp congee the making method of this kind of thing is simpler, it is OK that after wanting to thoroughly cook rice thoroughly cook rice only, river shrimp is being joined, joining sweet green and Jiang Si to wait next butFall in love with the sea

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With edible. This kind of thing suits river shrimp congee the friend edible of indigestion of intestines and stomach, can have effect of very good digestive of stimulative intestines and stomach, suggest everybody can try the making method of river shrimp congee, particular way can follow the content below to make.

The practice of river shrimp congee

Congee of little river shrimp is a cate, the raw material that make basically has rice, bright shrimp, sweet green, ginger.


[Material] rice, bright shrimp (today I use river shrimp) a few of sweet green of 1 jin of half; , ginger


1.Bright shrimp is carried go slimy bowel, abluent, reserve

2.Rice is abluent, put rice congee bowl, add boiled water conflagration to be boiled, maintain 10 minutes, turn again small fire infusion makes an appointment with 30 minutes of;3. Will bright shrimp is put;4 is thoroughlied cook inside congee. Add salt, pepper right amount flavor, scatter on sweet green1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Flower can.

Practice 2

Advocate makings: Rice shelled fresh shrimps

Complementary makings: Lettuce of oily pepper of salt of ginger cooking wineShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The practice of river shrimp congee

Bright shrimp gives birth to the practice measure that rolls congee:

1.Rice is naughty clean hind add right amount salt, oil to mix divide evenly souse half hours of;

2.Bright shrimp pares cooking wine, salt, pepper, Jiang Si is used after giving shelled fresh shrimps to take out shrimp line bloat on reserve;

3.The rice that has bloated is entered after right amount water is being added to be burned inside boiler, conflagration is boiled, small fire boils a hour slow to become congee bottom; namely

4.Turn conflagration boils bottom rolling congee, join shelled fresh shrimps and lettuce silk to mix divide evenly;

5.A few salt are added to flavor after be being boiled again can.

Practice 3

Say shrimp line alone, have two kinds of methods: One kind is in shrimp roe abdomen gangmaster of this a side and body cut open a half, placing shrimp head to be dragged outside with scissors next, shrimp line procrastinates with respect to whole came out, cut open the back again next, head of shrimp of this kind of method is sodden sodden do not suit to boil oil. Another kind is the back cuts open a shrimp first, winkle shrimp line, next head of the shrimp below again orderly shears, such shrimp head can stay to boil oily

Feed capable person advocate expect fresh prawn 500 grams rice 160 milliliter

Method / measure

Go shrimp head, leave the back goes shrimp line

Ginger cuts broken end, jiang Mo wants many a little bit, cannot too little.

An actuate boils Jiang Mo and rice, water, shrimp congee program.

Celery is mincing rice

After congee has been boiled, break into celery mix divide evenly, add salt flavors can

The preparation when the shrimp that boil dips in makings, oyster sauce, unripe smoke, divide evenly of celery broken agitate can. The shrimp when eating congee can dip in makings eat

Shrimp head is not wasteful, add shrimp head with oil, small fire boils shrimp head desiccate to become fragile, head of fish out shrimp, be the shrimp sauce with sweet delicacyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea

Shrimp sauce can be used in face of cold and dressed with sause or dish of cold and dressed with sause.

The practice of river shrimp congee

Noodles served with soy sauce is very sweetShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Shrimp must be new bright vivid shrimp, redemptive will take the advantage of do on fresh horse, such won’t raw meat or fish.

Celery is broken do not omit, not only color is good-looking, still go raw meat or fish is carried sweet, match absolutely

Dip in finally makings is OK adjust by oneself be fond of

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