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The food that a lot of people like, through what steam the method can let beef bolus do not have fat feeling, suit pregnant woman and child edible. The making method of steamed beef a round mass of food is very simple, the ox that make is steamed after meatball, again tie-in the green vegetables that has boiled, drench on flavor juice is OK. Edible beef bolus has a lot of profit to human body, but do not want excessive edible, have inside hot person had better not edible beef bolus.

 Steamed beef a round mass of food

Steamed beef a round mass of food makes a method

The ox wrings the flesh 400 fair grams, onion powder 1, green river dish 6, a. Saline 1/2 small spoon, rice wine 1 small spoon, small spoon of white saccharic 1/2, gourmet powder a few, white pepper a few, too whitening 1 big spoon, balm 1 small spoon, b. Salt is right amount, gallinaceous pink is right amount, soup-stock 200c.c. , balm a few


1. ox wrings fleshy chop fine, join saline agitate to come sticky stiff, the others stuff that puts flavoring A again and onion powder mix divide evenly.

2. dish the bottom wipes oil, course of action the ox of 1 wrings the flesh to be squeezed into pill form to be put dish in, with conflagration evaporate take out after 20 minutes.

Dish of 3. green river is abluent, put the quick-boil in hot water to iron to ripe hind, scoop drop to work, emit into course of action of 2 dish in.

4. will flavorLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The ﹞outside expecting B ﹝ removes sesame oil is boiled, join balm to drench sauce of the divide evenly that boil again finally in course of action on the beef bolus of 3 can.

The edible effect of beef bolus

1. growth muscle

It is right growth muscle, enhance power particularly effective. The head that having training in a few seconds, methyl aminoacetic acid is the source of muscle fuel, it can complement effectively adenosine of 3 phosphoric acid, make training can hold to more for a long time thereby. Among them fleshy poison is alkaline basically use at supporting adipose metabolism, generation pays chain amino acid, it is pair of body buildingNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Member a kind of of main effect amino acid since growth muscle.

 Steamed beef a round mass of food

2. increases immunity force

Can help you enhance immune power, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, conduce to what insecurity trains body of the back of a person restoring thereby.

3. is promoted recover

Can increase airframe disease-resistant capacity, after opposite grows development and operation1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
, the person of the take good care of sb after disease waits for field other people to fasten in organization of compensatory and exsanguine, rehabilitate appropriate.

4. fills iron enrichs the blood

Iron is the element with hematopoiesis essential place, and many iron is contained a lot ofin beef, much edible beef conduces to the cure of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

5. is fought anile

The zinc that contains in beef is one kind conduces to the synthetic protein, antioxidant that can promote muscle to grow, decline to preventing the magnesium that the potassium that in preventing cancer to have beef of active meaning; , contains is having; of the action that prevent disease to contain to system of heart head blood-vessel, urology can improve the efficiency with anabolic insulin, conduce to diabetic cure.

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The edible of beef bolus is no-no

Patient of disease of dermatosis of; of diet of the person that heat up inside 1. , liver, nephrosis careful feed.

 Steamed beef a round mass of food

The diet when 2. ammonia tea is alkaline.

3. beef is unfavorable often eat, weekly is advisable.

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