Pop chart of sales volume of Steam a week: Ruined soldier 4 the first black mood 3 lose out

Steam platform announced the closest a week (arrived on May 16 on May 23) sale rank, ” ruined soldier 4 ” obtain successfully 2 Lian Guan, ” battle hammer: Full-scale war ” prep close behind ranks ever since 2.

8: ” koradji 3: Mad hunt + season ticket (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game+Expansion Pass) ” combination is wrapped (Xin Jin)

Steam platform regards the whole world as the biggest original game platform, the newer rate of its stand-alone game and game quality are better, a characteristic of this platform is all game meeting course chooses ability can appear on this platform, buy for everybody and amuse oneself.

Drop Man Bing in the end ” destroy a soldier ” and ” galaxy ” later, a list of names posted up is odd eventually bit prettier. This period Xin Jin’s game or pretty are much. It is some of old face nevertheless. Of course, still have a new face ” radiation 4 ” DLC of harbour Jing fetch.

” ruined soldier 4 ” still held first position. And the game after close therewith is this period rank change is the biggest ” battle hammer: Full-scale war ” edition of purchase in advance, this game from on period rise the 10th times directly the 2nd, game general at 25 official put on sale, purchase in advance has muddleheaded soldier photograph to give, do not want to miss. Ranking tertiary game is ” galaxy ” , on this game period highest rank the 2nd, be dropped 1. Ranking the game of the 4th is ” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” , this game depreciates at present in 50% sales promotion, indulgence still is undertaking, buy now buy buy return there’s still time. Ranking the game of the 5th is ” ark: Live developmental ” , this game undertook depreciating likewise at present the sales promotion of 33% , and exclusive DLC is free, be apart from the time that ends to still have 1 day, if want to experience this game, clutch act.

Ranking the game of the 6th is ” final illusion 10: HD refashion edition ” this game is ranked relatively on period dropped 2, indulgence of purchase in advance has ended at present, restore 88 yuan. Ranking the game of the 7th is ” radiation 4 ” DLC of harbour Jing fetch, this DLC at 18 official put on sale, at present price is 79 yuan. Rank of the 8th is ” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” + the assorted bag of season ticket, this combination includes noumenon + the DLC of season ticket, big package is bought save 18 yuan (game noumenon is to depreciate 50% sales promotion, but in sales promotion Bao Zhongxian is shown depreciate 63%) . Rank of the 9th is small strong ” CS: GO ” , ranking the game of the 10th finally is ” armed assault 3 ” this game sales promotion has ended, at present price is regular price 249.

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