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19 weeks are 4 months left and right sides probably, fetal had had basic figure, pregnant woman may accompany collywobbles in pregnant whole period, this is very normal, because the female’s uterus meets what do not time undertake systole, pregnant woman can let feel collywobbles when contracting every time. But the ache that uterine systole causesShanghai night net

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It is OK the feeling comes out, distinguish somewhat with other ache. Is that pregnant how are 19 weeks of collywobbles to return a responsibility?

Be pregnant 19 weeks of collywobbles

Be pregnant 19 weeks of abdomen have ache, this word on the right side of still needs vigilant appendicitis. Still having is the cyst of whether ovarian corpus luteum below vigilance, or inflammation is exciting, this B that needs to check this place exceeds ability to be able to be made clear certainly.

1, compensatory vitamin: Present be in pregnant metaphase, the body is right folic acid and all sorts of vitamin demand increase, want to notice compensatory vitamin at that time. In this paragraph of time the choice takes rice, side and jumbly food grains other than wheat and rice, bask more with assuring to absorb enough nutrition; , absorb vitamin D in order to assure, eating the fish of animal liver, seawater food that contains a lot ofvitamin D more even at ordinary times.

2, nurse tit: Want those who strengthen pair of breasts to nurse from now on, what just can assure the lactation after childbirth so is successful. Want to notice clean tit everyday, with suds and soft towel gently rub tit 1-2 minute, crack oil in the Tu Fang on the tit, the absorb of such ability withstand babies. If discover the tit caves, needShanghai night net

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The tit is correctional implement, be pregnant use before 6 months, can feel the tit is apparent after 3 weeks by correctional and be pulled, this has made sufficient preparation with respect to feed of the breast that it is a mother!

Be pregnant 19 weeks of collywobbles

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Oneself the circumstance of the darling that measure an embryo, holding to several quickening is basic one pace. Best everyday evening 8-9 dot, quickening is general horary 3-5 second, if pass to was about fast or too slow to take care, want to report a doctor in time. Count quickening everyday actually, also be a kind of direct prenatal education, when preoccupied when thinking of fetal darling, he also can respond to, such promotional mother child affectionFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Feeling communication.

4, occurrence butterfly spot: May discover to dark splash can appear all round upper part of the labrum that be in, cheek and forehead in this period piece, this is butterfly spot. Because be pregnant,this is level of the hormone inside rear body is exorbitant cause, after fetal baby is born, can restore unvarnished, do not want beyond the mark affliction so. Do not pass an attention, want to avoid sunlight to insolate, lest pigment changes, had done prevent bask in the job, protect good skin, can reduce the rate of butterfly spot.

Be pregnant 19 weeks of collywobbles

Above is to be what everybody introduces about be pregnant a few content that ache on the right side of 19 weeks of abdomen, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody. Appear this kind of phenomenon does not treat sth lightly, should give take seriously, go to a hospital in time seeing a doctor, accept relevant treatment. ThisNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Paragraph friends of time pregnant woman should go out many pieces ambulate ambulate, activity bones and muscles.

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